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Reasons for document translation?

Document translation would be required if you are planning to apply for work, an education visa or intend to expand your business overseas in a country that’s official language is different from the language your documents are in. In addition, if you need to submit personal and other documents for any reason, including legal matters, in a foreign country, the relevant documents would first need to be translated into the official language of that country. While English documents are widely accepted across the world, several countries require the translation of documents into their official language, since this makes it easier for the authorities to use the documents.

English to Arabic translation would be required if you have to submit your personal, educational, business or any other documents in countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Algeria, where the official language is Arabic.

However, the English to Arabic translation needs to be completed with care, to ensure that the translated document conveys exactly the same information as the original. Legalisations.org.uk can assist with providing accurate translations. Special care is needed to translate legal documents, since even a minor change in the content can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

The key to accurate translations is awareness and knowledge of the differences between English and Arabic. A highly skilled and professional translator also needs to be aware about the various dialects of the Arabic language, as spoken in different countries across the world. To ensure the accurate English to Arabic translation of your documents, it is important that the translator knows about the country where you wish to submit your documents.

An online translation company, providing English to Arabic translation or Arabic to English translation, has to keep in mind the prominent differences between the two languages. While the English language has 26 letters in the alphabet, Arabic has 28. The use of grammatical concepts, such as verbs, differs between the two languages.

Another important difference that Arabic translation agencies are required to take note of while performing English to Arabic translations is that while English text is read from left to right, the Arabic script is read from right to left. Translation service providers also need to know that there is no distinction between upper and lowercase in Arabic text.

Prior to submitting your documents it is advised that you check with your business associates, prospective employers, educational institution or other concerned officials in the country where you need to submit your documents, whether the documents need to be translated into Arabic. If you are required to submit translated documents, choose an agency that provides certified Arabic translation, since this will ensure that your documents are presented in the right format and convey the correct meaning.

The certified Arabic translators at Legalisations.org.uk are from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters as well as the Institute of Linguists. They have wide experience in translating documents for various purposes and for different Arabic nations. They are aware of the differences in the writing styles and grammar used between the two languages of English and Arabic. They take the utmost care to ensure that the Arabic translation can be read from right to left and not left to right.

All English to Arabic translations for presentation in a country that requires documents to be in Arabic also need to be apostilled by the UK FCO to legalise them for international use. The certified documents with the apostille stamp of the FCO are accepted by countries that are signatory members of The 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. However, an additional step of consular legalisation is required when the translated certified documents need to be submitted in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legalisations.org.uk.is a professional translation services provider, offering certified translations of all types of documents, whether personal, educational, legal or commercial, by accredited translators. Our translators attach a statement certifying the accuracy of the translated document and sign it, besides providing their contact details and credentials. Our certified translations are accepted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as authentic.

Certified translations by our expert translators ensure that the content and intent of a document do not change in English to Arabic translation or Arabic to English translations. Special care is taken by our experts when they translate legal documents, since even minor errors can have significant repercussions.

Several countries require the translated documents to be legalised before they can be accepted. While some countries require legalisation of both the original and the translated documents, others require only the translated versions to be legalised. We request you to check the requirements of the country in which you wish to present your documents.

Our experienced team can translate all your English documents into Arabic before they are submitted for apostille certification. Once the FCO grants an apostille certificate to the certified Arabic translation, we can submit them to the concerned country’s embassy in London for consular legalisation if this step is required as well.

If you wish to get any document translated into Arabic or any other language, please send us an email at info@legalisations.org.uk, stating your requirements. Please attach a scanned copy of the documents for English to Arabic translation, since this will allow us to review the documents in advance.

We will inform you of the charges for the translation services and guide you regarding the procedure.

Once you receive the cost quote, you are requested to pay the fees for certified Arabic translation online. Our certified translators will immediately start work on the translation of documents and complete the online translation process smoothlyIf you wish to get the original document translated, you can either deliver it personally to our London office or courier the documents to us.

Legalisations.org.uk has a team of expert translators who can take care of all your document translation needs efficiently, while ensuring that the meaning and essence of the original document remains intact. Our team has been translating a wide variety of documents for several years, including personal documents such as birth and death certificates, educational documents such as degree certificates or CELTA certificates and commercial documents such as appointment reports or certificate of incorporation of a company.

Our experienced team of professional translators can complete English to Arabic translations or Arabic to English translations efficiently, as per the requirements of the country in which you wish to present your documents. Our company has years of experience in completing official translations of a variety of documents in London.

The cost of Arabic to English translation or English to Arabic translation of your documents will depend on their word count and how soon you require the translated documents. We can complete the Certified Arabic translation of your documents as per your timeline.

If you require your certified Arabic translations to be legalised, our experienced team can take care of it too, including apostille certification and embassy legalisation. Additional charges will apply for these services.

We request you to send us an email to info@legalisations.org.uk with all the details of the documents to be translated and whether you require them to be legalised as well. We will get back to your guidance regarding the process and our service charges. You can also call us at 0845 224 9482 with all your requirements and questions.