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How do I legalise my documents for Malaysia?

All UK-issued documents need to have an apostille certification as well as legalisation by the Malaysia Embassy in London prior to use for employment, business, educational or personal purposes in Malaysia, as Malaysia is not a member of The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961.The Hague Convention abolished the need for consular legislation of documents to be used for cross-border purposes between its member countries. Embassy legalisation was replaced with an apostille certificate, issued by an authorised body in the country of issue of the document.

Since the UK is a signatory member of this convention, all UK-issued documents require only an apostille certificate before they can be used in another signatory country. However, since Malaysia is not a signatory member of the Hague Convention of 1961, documents issued in the UK will need both apostille certification as well as legalisation by the Malaysian Embassy in London.

The Hague convention simplified the process of giving documents legal status for use in another country by doing away with the multiple attestations and verifications that were earlier required. The earlier cumbersome process was replaced by the apostille stamp, a special kind of certification provided by a competent authority, after verifying the document’s authenticity. In the case of documents issued in the UK, the competent authority for issuing the apostille is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or FCO.

It is important to note that certain documents might require additional attestation by a Notary Public or a Registered Solicitor in the UK, before they can be submitted for the apostille certification.

If you would like to get documents legalised for use in Malaysia, can help you in completing all the formalities in a smooth manner. We provide the complete range of legalisation services, including notarisation of your documents, followed by the apostille certification by the FCO and finally submission for Malaysian Embassy legalisation.

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Important Notes Regarding Malaysia Embassy Document Legalisation

Since Malaysia is not a signatory to The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961, all UK-issued documents to be used in Malaysia require an apostille certificate as well as legalisation by the Malaysian Embassy in London. Malaysia, however, does not have any requirement of documents to be translated into its official language before legalisation. 

The Malaysia Embassy legalisation process involves several steps:

Step 1: Documents issued by the UK Registrar, including birth and marriage certificates, UK Police clearance certificates and UK medical reports, signed by a UK doctor, do not require attestation, ratification and verification by a Notary Public or solicitor before the apostille certification. Our consultants will check all documents to ensure that they are compliant with the requirements of the UK FCO and Malaysian Embassy.

Step 2: Some documents might need to be attested by a Notary Public or a Solicitor registered with the UK FCO, before they can be submitted for apostille certification. Our consultants will take care of such attestation needs.

Step 3: The documents will be submitted to the UK FCO  for the apostille certificate. Our consultants will submit and retrieve the documents with utmost safety.

Step 4: We will submit the documents, along with the legalisation form, to the Malaysia Embassy in London. We can help you fill the legalisation form as well.

Step 5: We will collect all legalised documents from the Embassy and deliver them to you via courier to the address you provide on our order form.

Please note:

  • In some special cases, the Malaysian authorities ask for documents to be translated into Malay. In these cases, we will ensure that all the required documents are translated by a certified translator to ensure that the meaning and the content of the document remain unchanged.
  • We recommend that you send us a scanned copy of your documents beforehand, so that there is no confusion or miscommunication, leading to delays. We can cross check the physical documents we receive with the scanned copies. 
  • The Consular fees will need to be paid in cash, at the time of submitting the legalisation form and documents. 
  • The Malaysia Embassy is open from Monday to Thursday, from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm. It will be closed on official Malaysian holidays and British bank holidays.


If you are planning to work or start a business in Malaysia, you will need to submit certain documents that prove your identity, your qualifications, financial status and criminal record. For acceptance of these documents by the Malaysian authorities, you need to have them apostilled by the FCO and then legalised by the Malaysian Embassy in London. This is essential as Malaysia is not a part of The Hague Convention of 1961 that called for the abolition of consular legalisation as the means of document verification.

The legalisation of personal and commercial documents proves their authenticity for their submission for work-related, legal or personal matters in Malaysia. The entire process of legalisation of your documents for presentation or submission in Malaysia involves their attestation, verification and ratification by a Notary Public or Registered Solicitor (for certain documents), followed by the apostille certification by the UK FCO and finally their submission to the Malaysian Embassy for legalisation. To ensure that the process is completed seamlessly, we will pre-check all your documents to ensure that they are in the format recommended by the Embassy. has years of experience in providing a wide range of services associated with the legalisation of documents for use in various countries across the world. Our experience with catering to the legalisation requirements of both individual and corporate clients means that our team is well versed with the rules and procedures adopted by the various embassies for legalisation of documents. Our regular contacts with the Notary Office, the UK FCO and the Malaysia Embassy in London ensures that we can complete the process quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

We also offer additional services, such as the checking of your documents for their compliance with the regulations, translation of documents into the country’s official language (where needed) and  dispatching the documents to you with complete safety. Our service charges are in addition to the apostille certification fee and the consular charges for legalisation. These charges depend on the package chosen by you and any other requirements you might have.

For any queries or information about the Malaysia Embassy legalisation process, email us at or call us at 0845 224 9482. You can also fill our contact form and one of our representatives can get back to you as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Malaysian Embassy in London legalises UK-issued documents for use in Malaysia,  after the said documents have received the apostille certification. This means that before you submit your documents to the Malaysian Embassy, you will first need to visit the FCO office in MIlton Keynes for the apostille stamp.

In addition, there are certain documents that require attestation by a UK-registered Solicitor or Notary Public, prior to being submitted to the FCO.  We, at, can complete the entire process of attestation, ratification and verification of your documents, by a Solicitor or a Notary Public, the FCO and the Malaysian Embassy in London, ensuring that you do not need to visit any of these offices

Our highly experienced consultants are well versed with all the formalities that need to be completed. In addition, we have built strong relationships with officials at various government offices and consular departments. This helps us complete the legalisation process in the least possible time. If you need to get some of your documents translated into Malay – the official language of Malaysia, we can take care of that too, through our network of certified translators.

Please let us know of all your document legalisation requirements via email at We will get back to you with information regarding the entire process, the time required and the fees.

Since Malaysia is not a member of The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961, all documents that are to be submitted for visa purposes or for a residence permit, need to be apostilled as well as legalised by the Malaysian Embassy.

The FCO charges £75 per document for the apostille certification. Our services charges will be added to this, depending on the package you choose. For the standard package, we charge £95 + VAT and commit to the process being completed in six business days. For the express package, our charges are £135 + VAT, and we commit to the process being completed within two business days. An additional cost of £5 per document will need to be paid in cash to the Malaysia Embassy in London for the legalisation process.

In addition to the apostille and consular charges, there are additional costs related to notarisation, translation and courier services. Once we know your requirements, our consultants will be able to give you an estimate of the total fee.

The turnaround time for the apostille certification and legalisation of documents will depend on the nature and type of documents. The FCO turnaround time is generally one to two days, when you opt for the standard package, and two to three hours when you choose the premium package.

Additional time might be required if any of your documents needs to be attested or verified by a Notary Public or registered Solicitor in London. Also, if your prospective employer or business associate in Kuala Lumpur requires you to submit a document in Malay, translation services will be required, which will take another day or two.

The process of legalisation by the Malaysia Embassy in London takes one day.

At, we have contacts in the FCO office as well as the Malaysian Embassy in London and can get your documents apostilled and legalised in the shortest time possible, if all the documents are in proper order. So, the total turnaround time for legalisation of your documents will be three to four days, if there are no public holidays. We would recommend that you submit your documents for legalisation well in advance to avoid any stress due to unexpected delays.

UK citizens looking to work in Malaysia need to apply for a work visa and submit documents such as:

  • A valid passport
  • Duly filled application form
  • Copies of education certificates
  • Past employment testimonials
  • Colored photographs
  • Detailed description of the type of work to be performed by the applicant in Malaysia
  • Company’s employment letter.

All personal documents, such as a birth certificate, educational certificates and diplomas need to be apostilled by the UK FCO. As Malaysia is not a signatory to The Hague Apostille Convention, apostille certificates need to be supplemented by Malaysia Embassy legalisation.

We advise you to check with your prospective employer or business associate in Malaysia about any additional documents that need to be legalised by the Malaysia Embassy in London. In addition, enquire whether they require certain documents to be translated into the official language of Malaysia.

A UK citizen applying for a Malaysian work or business visa will also need to submit a certificate to show their financial position and a police certificate stating that they have no criminal record. These documents also need to be apostilled and legalised.

Certain countries require the translation of foreign documents into their official language before accepting them for legalisation. However, Malaysia has no such requirements for the translation of documents. We recommend that you check with your Malaysian employer or business associate regarding whether they need you to get any documents translated into Malay. has a vast network of professional translators from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters as well as the Institute of Linguists, who will ensure that the translation is accurate, as to maintain the integrity of the original document. The translated documents will be signed and stamped by the translator, certifying that the translation does not change the meaning and the essence of the document.

The address of the Malaysia Embassy in London is:

52 Bedford Row, 

London WC1R 4LR

The Embassy is open from Monday to Thursday, from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm. 

The embassy is easily accessible by bus, the London Underground and train. Bus numbers 148, 2, 36, 390, 44 and 9 will take you to the Malaysian consulate. If you wish to travel by train, the South Eastern and Southern Lines will bring you close to the Embassy. The London Underground stations at Circle, District, Jubilee and Victoria are the closest to the Malaysian Embassy in London. offers the full range of services required to get your Malaysian Embassy legalisation, ensuring that you do not need to personally visit the consulate in London.